“Plantovation”: A success story of innovation in agriculture


From today to 2050 — how the scenario may become reality:

  • A technology revolution is already under way today:
    • Artificial intelligence beats the best Go players and creates artworks people can‘t distinguish from human-made ones
    • New gene editing technologies make things possible that seemed like science fiction just a while agoAt the same time, we need to fix our CO2 problem — and biomass provides a feasible, relatively cheap solution
  • In the coming years, more and more entrepreneurs will be applying revolutionary technologies of the next generation to grow crops for food and non-food applications
  • The reservations against certain plant technologies visible today quickly fade as startups celebrate breakthroughs and spectacular results — pleasing both consumers and investors
  • The increasing flow of venture capital into this domain eventually leads to big, multinational “agritech” companies
  • As a result, the next generation of multi-billionaires will not be in software — they will be in “agritech” 

Scenario 1

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