Your Food. Your Health. Your Choice: How consumers became king


From today to 2050 — how the scenario may become reality:

  • Already today, one can buy a Coke with one’s name printed on it or mass customize muesli to satisfy individual preferences
  • Data as a resource and the ongoing digitalization will continue to enable new business models and societal opportunities
  • By gathering and analyzing data, health will move from curing to preventing disease. Personalized medicine will take off in the coming years increasing focus and efficacy — which is urgently needed to contain civilization diseases like diabetes that are otherwise spreading quickly
  • At the same time, the actual impact of diet on our health will become more and more transparent, leading to a convergence of medicine and nutrition
  • Visionary entrepreneurs will be quick to seize the emerging opportunities and give consumers what they want: their food, their health, their choice
  • As a result, a new class of billionaires and successful food companies emerge that generate vast profits — not from crop production, but from a relentless focus on consumer needs and highly sophisticated supply chains that make it possible to satisfy these diverse needs efficiently

scenario 2

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