Foodmergency: A cautionary tale about food security


From today to 2050 — how the scenario may become reality:

  • The warnings from scientists against climate change and its potential impact on agriculture are loud and clear
  • Unfortunately, the pessimistic views turn out to be correct: the EU — like many other countries around the world — faces a series of severe environmental crises. As a result, the EU experiences dramatic food security challenges
  • Globally, the situation is even grimmer in some cases. The global economy suffers and international food trade collapses due to global shortages
  • As food security can no longer be taken for granted, the EU and national governments take radical steps to increase the production of food crops: this includes regulation that favors yield-oriented biotech and drastic market interventions to increase European production capacities for food
  • Over the course of just a few years before 2050, a government-directed, large-scale agricultural system is created
  • Society backs these policies because they seem to be without alternative. However, the widespread use of advanced biotech, instances of public mismanagement and personal restrictions are seen critically



Scenario 3

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