Event: Workshops assessing impact of scenario's planned in March 2020

Workshops " "Potential Impact of CropBooster-P" planned


An important part of WP 2 “Economic, Social and Environmental Impact” is the analysis of the effects that the scenario’s that are developed in work package 1 will have on society.

Different Expert Workshops are organised to assess the economic, social en environmental effects that the implementation of different options to improve crops will cause.

The first workshop dates are planned. We are running four workshops in Brussels with various CropBooster stakeholders – farmers, agri-businesses, breeders, regulators, NGOs and consumer groups – to understand the potential impacts of the CropBooster options developed by WP1.

The workshops will involve focus groups in which we will describe the options and try to stimulate discussions about what they might mean for European agriculture.


o   9th March – 2.2A, Copernico Science, Brussels

o   11th March – 2.1A, COPA COGECA headquarters in Brussels

o   12th March – 2.2B, Copernico Science, Brussels

o   13th March - 2.1B, Euroseeds headquarters in Brussels








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