Agenda Final Meeting CropBooster-P April 26, 2022

The agenda for the Final Meeting of the CropBooster-P program has been finalised. The meeting takes place on April 26, 2022 in Wageningen, the Netherlands. 

The meeting will be opened by René Klein Lankhorst with 'In perspective: where did we come from? Followed by an outline of the highlights of WP1. Alexandra Baekelandt and Abhishek Nair will present: 'Paving the way towards future proofing our crops' followed by a presentation about 'Modelling yield of European crop species' by Xinyou Yin. 

We continue with the highlights of WP2, by means of a presentation by Jess Davies on 'Collaboratively prioritising the Cropboosting options' and followed by Abhishek Nair and Arnout Fisher on 'Issues and impacts of the Cropboosting options'.

After a short presentation by Ritchie Head about the CAPITALIZE project and a lunchbreak, we continue with the afternoon session.

We continue with the highlights of WP3 with 'Dialogue with the lay audience on the prospects for plant breeding' by Abhishek Nair and Arnout Fisher. After which Ralf Wilhelm will continue with 'Need for targeted science communication about plant breeding techniques'. Thereafter there will be a presentation by Norbert Rolland, Peter Westhoff and Günter Strittmatter on 'Strengthening international cooperation', the outcome of WP4. 

Jeremy Harbinson wil present the highlights of WP5 in 'The White Paper: Research Plan & Implementation'. 
A General Discussion and Stakeholder Perspective will follow after all presentations.

The final meeting will be wrapped up by René Klein Lankohorst with 'In Perspective; were are we going to?'

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14 May 2023 om 10:39
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