Event: Virtual CropBooster-P Integrative Workshop in October

Event: Virtual CropBooster-P Integrative Workshop in October

Due to Covid-19 our ongoing programme of work in workpackage 2 is constantly adapted to the latest situation in Europe.

Our planned Integrated Farm to Fork Workshops will be hosted virtually in October. Workpackage 2 explores the social, economic and environmental impacts of cropboosting strategies for the EU. This workshop will bring together EU agri-food and bioeconomy stakeholders, including participants from earlier workshops to explore the food system effects of potential future crop improvements, and how these align with the Farm to Fork Strategy. The aims of this workshop are to:

  • Communicate initial results from CropBooster-P workpackage 2.
  • Discuss the implications of these results and consider the systemic benefits of our toolbox of crop improvement options.
  • Explore the potential for crop improvement to deliver to the Farm to Fork strategy.
  • Interact with a variety of stakeholders interested in a more sustainable European food system.

 For more information please contact us via info.cropbooster-p@wur.nl


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