News: Looking back on successful integrated workshop

News: Looking back on successful integrated workshop

Looking back on a successful integrated workshop


On Monday 26th October CropBooster-P Work Package 2 held an integrative workshop with 40 participants from across the European agri-food sector – this was a chance to communicate what’s been done so far on CropBooster-P and explain the next part of the project. It was also an opportunity to understand how different crop improvement strategies fit – or not – within wider European Union policy objectives, particularly with respect to the Farm to Fork strategy, which aims to enhance the sustainability of the European food system.

At the workshop we invited participants to take part in an interactive exercise of moving cropbooster options through the European policy “space”. This activity will help us develop the CropBooster-P policy roadmap going forward.

CropBooster-P Work Package 3 also presented their objectives and promoted a survey they are currently running, which focusses on the technologies used for plant breeding. 


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