Annual Meeting was inspiring, interactive and interconnective

Our Annual Meeting is always a great opportunity to meet partners from the project in person. Due to obvious reasons, we met once again online this year. 

Despite the online restrictions, we hosted an insipring, interactive and interconnective event. We welcomed almost 50 participants. 

During the morning session we hosted plenary presentations of the leaders of the different workpackages. Consecutively we heard from WP3 about Societal Needs and Expectations regarding future plant breeding by Ralf Wilhelm and Arnaut Fischer. Followed by the presentation International Cooperation of WP4 by Norbert Roland. To conclude we had a WP5 presentation: first drafts of the Research Agenda and the Implementation Plan by Jeremy Harbinson. 

In the afternoon we continued with Breakout Sessions to discuss the Research Agenda and the Implementation Plan. We wrapped up the day with a plenary session: reports by breakout session leaders, first results and discussion. 

We thank all partners, consortium members, supporters and stakeholders for their attendance and input. 

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Sistem Informasi
10 June 2023 om 11:24
The agenda was thoughtfully curated, covering a wide range of topics and fostering meaningful discussions. The presentations were engaging, and the interactive sessions provided valuable opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange. The organizing team did a fantastic job in creating an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation. Congratulations on organizing such a remarkable and successful annual meeting! <a href="

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