Read all about the progress in year 3

Read all about the progress in year 3

In the third year of the project, the progress of the CropBooster-P project was hampered due to the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. To compensate for this, the European Commission did grant the project a 6-months extension, leading to a new end date of April 30th 2022. This will allow the successful completion of all Milestones and Deliverables with only a moderate delay.

As result of the international restrictions on travel and on organizing life events, all planned workshops and meetings in year 3 had to be cancelled and were replaced by online-alternatives. In this way, we were able to collect all relevant data needed for the completion of the CropBooster-P project.

Read the full report on year 3 here. 

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Sains Data
10 June 2023 om 11:22
What are the specific research findings and innovations that have emerged from the project, and how do they impact the future of crop improvement? <a href="">Tel U</a>

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